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Brandi Hayes

Laura Pewitt

Important Documents

FSSD Pre-Kindergarten Information

FSSD Pre-Kindergarten Information (Spanish)

Pre-K Class Laura Pewitt, Teacher Talia Mays, Teaching Assistant The Pre-K Class is offered to 4 year old children who qualify. Pre-K students must be 4 years old by August 15. Students must meet ONE of the following qualifiers:

  1. Children who come from Low income/ poverty. (The family would qualify for the Free/Reduced meals program.)
  2. ELL: English Language Learner. (English is not the first language in the home.)
  3. The child currently has an IEP. (An Individualized Education Plan.)

    April Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

    Pre-k has  many exciting events happening in April.
    It’s time to get registered for Kindergarten!  Parents, please go on-line to complete the registration process for Kindergarten.

    Pre-K students are wrapping up a study of Re-Cycling.  We will enjoy a visit soon  from the Williamson County Recycling Mascot,  “Buddy Blue Bag.”
    We are looking forward to a pre-k Spring egg hunt  on Weds., April 12th.  We will have our 3rd grade math buddies hide the eggs.  This is a fun activity for all!
    End or year assessments will be taking place very soon.  All students will be progressing on to Kindergarten in August.

    March Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

    During the month of March, Pre-K students will focus on a study of Re-cycling.

    Students will learn to recognize the re-cycling symbol.   Pre-K Students are invited to bring in a clean item that can be re-cycled. We will add these items to our big blue re-cycling bag!   Later in the month, Pre-K will be visited by a guest, THE BLUE BAG MASCOT, of Williamson County.

    Pre-K students continue learning all the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.   Students are proudly showing off their knowledge of the alphabet, letter sounds, number recognition and counting. Most important are the social skills these students are developing within the school environment.   Skills like: sharing, taking turns, waiting patiently, and self-regulation (self-control) are big skills for these little learners! JES is a great place to learn and grow in Pre-K.

    January Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

    Dear Parents,

    Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a very nice holiday with your family, as I did with mine.  

    This month in Pre-k, we will begin a study on “Clothes”.  We will learn about all types of clothing, where it comes from, how it’s made, types of clothes around the world, and other interesting facts about clothes!  We will use these ideas and lessons to help us learn new concepts in language, literacy, math, science and social studies.  It should be fun! 

    If there is snow/ ice, please know that schools may be closed or dismissed early.  The school system will call you to inform you of school closings.    If you have made any changes in telephone numbers or pick up list, please update your telephone number and emergency contact list!

    Please send in an extra set of clothes to keep in your child’s cubby.  This should include underwear and socks, along with warm pants and a long-sleeved shirt. 

    We will play outside if the temperature is 38 degrees or higher.  Your child will need a warm coat, hat and mittens.  Please write your child’s name on these items.

    Important dates to remember:

    Monday, Jan. 16.   No school.   MLK holiday

    Our class can always use Clorox wipes and baby wipes to keep our room clean and our students healthy.   If you would like to make a contribution to our class, please consider these items.  As always, please keep children home if they have had fever, diarrhea, or vomiting within the last 24 hours.

    Thank you!

    Laura Pewitt, Pre-K teacher

    Talia Mays, teaching assistant

December Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

Pre-K students enjoyed our first field trip of the year, and it was a big one!
We went to TPAC in Nashville to see the theater production of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”… celebrating the works of Eric Carle!
Our pre-k students were very well-behaved and attentive throughout the performance.

During the month of December, students are busy getting ready for the winter holiday and Christmas.  We’re making
special crafts and gifts to celebrate the season.  We will enjoy a second field trip very soon…this time we’re going to the
holiday concert at FMS.  We look forward to that!

Pre-K is all about learning positive social skills.  Learning self-control and how to get along with others is the most important
skill to learn at this young age.   Pre-K students are proud to be earning a “tiger paw” for each
day filled with good choices, and positive school behaviors!

November Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

The Pre-K class enjoyed running in the Tiger Run!  We made Tiger hats and pom-pons to celebrate during Tiger Week! Our top tiger runner in Pre-K is Amir Ibrahim, with 14 laps around the shortened “Tiger Track.”  Our 2nd place runners were Brandi Hardeman and Kaylin Boyzo,  tied with 13 laps each! Our Pre-K class will enjoy our first Field trip soon, with a class trip to TPAC.  The show is called, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” and celebrates the many works of Eric Carle! Our current study is focused on Trees.  We’ve made discoveries which include characteristics of Trees, animals that live in trees, food that comes from trees, and seasonal changes of trees.  This topic has been interesting to explore in depth. Pre-K is a fun and happy place, filled with learning, play, and positive social interactions!

August Notes from Mrs. Pewitt

Pre-k August

Pre-K is off to a great start!  We have 17 students in the class. The Pre-K teaching assistant is Ms. Talia Mays.  She is a wonderful assistant! Students are learning to follow the school rules and how to get along well with others. These four year olds are learning important skills such as sharing, taking turns, and learning to wait patiently. Students are learning the procedures in the cafeteria during breakfast and lunch. Students are learning to recognize their own name in print, and soon, their friends’ names too! As always, you will hear music and story-time coming from our classroom.  These students are learning so many new skills! Pre-K assessments, home-visits, and small group orientation days have kept us busy during August.

Blended Preschool Class Brandi Hayes, Teacher Jeni Burnside, Teaching Assistant The Blended Preschool Class is different from Pre-K and is a separate program. The Preschool Blended Class is for students aged 3 – 5 years old. This class is designed for students with special needs and IEPs, but also includes some typically developing 4 year olds who serve as peer “role-models” in the classroom. Gentry After Care Program The Pre-K and Preschool classes close each day by 2:00 pm. Gentry’s after-care and tutoring program begins at 2pm for students who may need aftercare. If you are interested in this, please contact Mrs. Evelyn Hickerson at JES.


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Susanne Baker

Tori McPherson

Heather Soder

Cindy Tumblin

Important Documents

Kindergarten Supply List, 2017-18

Spanish Kindergarten Supply List, 2017-18

Johnson Transition to Kindergarten 2016-2017 (English and Spanish)

What you need to know about Kindergarten:

  • What should my child wear? Your child should wear tennis shoes everyday. If girls wear dresses or skirts, please make sure they have shorts on under their dress. Children have P.E. and recess everyday!
  • Always keep an extra set of pants and undergarments in your child’s backpack, just in case!
  • Each child needs a healthy snack every day. Due to food allergies, please do not send nut products. Your child’s teacher will make the class aware of any allergies that classmates might have.
  • Please check your child’s home folder everyday. Any notes, homework, and other papers are sent home in the folder. If you are sending lunch money, field trip money, or money for any other reason, please place the money in an envelope or ziploc baggie labeled with your child’s name and lunch number.
  • Please follow parking lot directions.
  • Please mark the home folder EVERY DAY for how your child is getting home.


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Christy Crumpton

Sharon Hargrave

Alice Irvin

Bethany Wiseman

Important Documents

2nd Grade Supply List 2017-18

Spanish 2nd Grade Supply List 2017-18

SAM_0785 (2)

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Whitney Holland

Suzie Johnson

Katie Milliken

Maria Pickett

Important Documents

We ask that all snacks be nut-free due to allergies in our classes. Thanks for you cooperation!

Don’t forget that homework each week is to complete your math packet by Thursday, read 20 minutes nightly, and study spelling words for the test on Friday!

3rd Grade Supply List 2017-18

Spanish 3rd Grade JES Supply List 2017-18

Important Links

Reflex Math

Reading Tizmos

Math Tizmos

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Bettye Sue Ebner, Math Coach

Rachel Eggimann, School Psychologist

Venetia Henry, Special Education

 Evelyn Hickerson, Reading Specialist

 Mystie Keller, ELL

Jamie Miller, Special Education

Donzaleigh Phillips, Guidance

Claudia Quezada, ELL

Paula Shinnick, Reading Coach

Marcie Waller, Speech-Language Pathologist

Ashley West, Accelerated Learning Specialist

Franklin Special School District offers many related arts classes at the elementary level. All children participate in physical education daily, music twice a week, art twice a week, and library once a week. Students in grades 3-4 also practice keyboarding in the computer lab weekly.

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Laurel Aiello, Media Specialist

Kiera Crite, Music

Bethany Kokoski, Physical Education

Ali Starkweather, Physical Education

 Cassie Stephens, Art


Welcome to Music at Johnson Elementary!!! In our music class we love to have fun while developing a good foundation for learning music. We focus on our National Core Arts standards to encourage creative musicians. Singing, playing instruments, and music learning games are just a few of the ways we build our music skills. During the course of their time at Johnson Elementary, students in music will have the opportunity to play Orff instruments, learn standard music notation, compose and create their own original compositions, and perform in school programs. Let the songs begin! For more music resources check out the following links:

Physical Education

Don’t forget our 4th graders will be going on a field trip Thursday, March 9th to the Ford Ice Center (Nashville Predators Practice Arena). Please don’t forget to bring a sack lunch and something warm and comfortable to wear while skating on the ice. We can’t wait!

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Jeni Burnside, Pre-School Janet Butler, Special Education Barbara Garrett, Library Carol Goff, General Education Cheryl Hoge, Kindergarten Pat Hughes, Special Education Kaye Johnson, Computer Lab Cheryl Leach, Special Education Talia Mays, Pre-Kindergarten Heidi Miller, Kindergarten Estella Roberts, Special Education Debbie Willett, General Education Diane Yarley, General Education


Custodial Staff

Joe Alexander Pete Metoyer Roxie Patton Jerry Scruggs