JES Spelling Bee!


JES held its first annual Spelling Bee on Wednesday, and it was a great success! Students in grades 1-4 participated and were cheered on by the entire school as well as many visitors. Third-grader Brooklyn Smith came out on top after 16 rounds of competition. Brooklyn will now have the opportunity to compete in the regional bee hosted by the Titans. Kory Stiles finished in second place and Devenee Ebrahimi rounded up the top three.

The complete list of students who qualified for the schoolwide bee is below.

Manuela Viana Sujata Bharadwaj
Jane Grayson Deekshitha Balaji
Annistyn Lowery Maliya Brown
Satchel Waddell Grace Merryman
Emilio Gutierrez Justin Arden
Hayeon Lee Elizabeth Peters
Emilio Ortiz Zoe Sherman
Isaac Romaniuk Marley Stanley
Ella Kate Pullen Ellie Lukasiak
Evie Adamson Holly McEvoy
Brooklyn Smith Janina Ho
Nicholas Onusaitis Samaria Washington
Jafet Cordova Andrew Flores
Devenee Ebrahimi Zach Chervenak
Noah Brown Joshua Coffman
Kory Stiles Thomas Willett