The mission of the JES school counseling program is to work collaboratively with faculty, students, families, and community members to support academic, personal/social, and career preparation needs for ALL students in a safe and caring environment.
I want to let you know that your child has a school counselor available to assist you and your child in having a successful school year. As the school counselor, I work with parents, teachers, and students in a variety of ways. All students at JES see me twice a month through our classroom guidance program. The FSSD counseling program uses the Tennessee School Counseling Standards (online) curriculum. As counselor I also do the following:
  • Individual sessions with students (per request of parent, student, teacher, or administrator)
  • Small group sessions for students with similar concerns such as divorce, death, and friendships
  • Consultation with Faculty and Parents
  • Coordination of Community Resources
I am here to assist with removing any barriers that can impede learning, so please reach out to me to let me know how I can best support your child and help them be successful.
Thank you,
Hannah Pesta